Sanbot’s advanced software and software systems will take education into the future. From elementary school, to high school and university, the Sanbot Elf open API robot can be programmed to help educate students of all academic levels.

Without a doubt, healthcare is pretty important to the entire world. Contrary to what some may believe, healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot Elf robot in healthcare is ready to help elevate this vital industry in all settings.

Traditional brick and mortar retail stores are seeing a decline in revenue. Promotional costs rise, while customer satisfaction sinks, which creates a steady fall in foot traffic. The fact is that traditional promotion methods and activities are not effective any more. Sanbot retail service robot is effective, and it will usher retail stores into the future.

If you are running a company, hotel, bank or any other business, using a robot elevates the front desk or lobby to a more advanced level, becoming more splendid and classier. But, using a robot that just looks good will not effectively elevate your business. Sanbot Elf is both good looking and performs real services for your hospitality businesses.

If you want to enter a security area without Sanbot Elf’s permission, forget it! After the authorized human staff’s data is inputted into the robot, the Sanbot gatekeeper will never let a stranger pass. The intelligent security robot will jointly sound the alarm to inform the senior manager or call the police once a stranger intrudes, which effectively protects the property and people.